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50 spell & ritual cards + a comprehensive guidebook to inspire the transformative power that lies within you.

At the core of spellwork is the Law of Attraction - A philosophy that allows us to manifest our intentions into this reality, given that the thoughts that we impress upon our subconscious minds dictate our actions, which ultimately dictate what we attract.

Spellwork involved aligning our intention with corresponding resources to create symbolic links toward manifesting our intentions. This creates a direct connection between our intentions and this physical realm, thus, planting the seeds of manifestation into this reality.


The cards:

✦ 50 spell & ritual cards with rounded corners
✦ Holographic foiled backs with a general topic
✦ Ingredients and steps required to complete the spell or ritual on the front
✦ Holographic gilded card edges
✦ Spells and rituals for protection, divination, meditation, sweet dreams, strength, self love, release, cleansing, gratitude, shadow work, home & hearth, grounding, creativity, healing, moon magick, crystals, productivity, self care, inner child, manifestation, love, ancestor work, confidence, intuition, money, good luck, friendship, and success. 

The guidebook:

✦ Introduction & benefits 
✦ How to use the deck
✦ List of materials
✦ Before & after spellwork: preparing your space, setting intentions, cleansing, grounding, casting a circle & wrapping up
✦ Spell notes and the purpose behind certain methods 
✦ Troubleshooting 

✦ Correspondences and ingredient substitutes; moon phases, days of the week, color magick, elements, plants & herbs, crystals 


Comes in a foil stamped rigid cardboard box.

Size: 12 x 9 cm


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