The Shadow Workbook (DIGITAL/PRINTABLE)

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This is a downloadable printable pdf.

Discover your shadows, unveil hidden gifts, and integrate your most authentic self through a guided journey into the practice of shadow work. 

In the realm of witchcraft, we often explore paths less traveled, seeking the hidden truths and mysteries that lie within. While shadow work may not be inherently a part of witchcraft, it's a powerful tool that can enrich your magical practice in many ways.

This workbook is intended to be a guiding light, providing you with tools to navigate your inner world. It's a place where you can explore the hidden corners of your psyche, confront your shadows, and integrate your newfound insights. By integrating these aspects, you create a harmonious relationship with your authentic self and your spiritual practice.


You will receive:

✦ A Comprehensive Guide to Shadow Work
✦ Printer-friendly Guided Worksheets
✦ 70 pages, A4 PDF


Comprehensive guide:

✦ How to Use This Workbook 
✦ What is the Shadow? 
✦ What is Shadow Work? 
✦ Origins & History 
✦ The Key Principles 
Safety & Self-care Tips
Common Misconceptions 
Benefits of Shadow Work 
Echoes of Enlightenment
✦ Tools & Resources
✦ Discovering the Shadow
✦ Integrating the Shadow
✦ Overview of Activities

Tools & Resources:

Wheel of Emotions 
✦ Common Triggers
✦ Common Coping Strategies
✦ Character Strengths
✦ 90 Shadow Work Journal Prompts

Discovery Worksheets:

✦ Letter of Intention 
Archetype Assessment 
Your Shadow Archetypes 
Archetype Deep Dive 
Relationships & Intimacy 

Self-image & Self-worth 
Career & Ambition 
Communication & Conflict 
Fears & Phobias
Masks & Personas
Desires & Impulses 
Health & Wellbeing 
Personal Goals & Dreams 
Jealousy & Envy 
Guilt & Shame 
Repressed Creativity 
Hidden Strengths

Integration Worksheets:

Discovery Masterlist
✦ Shadow Integration 
✦ Strength Integration
✦ Shadow Dialogue
✦ Daily Shadow Watch
✦ Reframing Limiting Beliefs

✦ Self-forgiveness


COPYRIGHTED FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. This file cannot be sold or distributed without permission.

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