The Spell Journal
The Spell Journal
The Spell Journal
The Spell Journal
The Spell Journal
The Spell Journal
The Spell Journal
The Spell Journal

The Spell Journal

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The Spell Journal is an illustrated guide into the realm of spellwork and the art of crafting your very own spells!

The Spell Journal explores the foundations and methods of spellwork, with step-by-step guides, tips, exercises, correspondences, and templates, to inspire you in writing your very own spells!

✦ Foundational Concepts & Principles
  • Law of Energetic Attraction
  • Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Flow of Energy
  • Law of Similarity
  • Law of Contagion
  • Spell Anatomy & Mechanics

✦ How to Write & Cast Your Own Spells
  • Refining Goals & Intention Setting
  • Choosing Methods & Correspondences
  • The Steps of Casting a Spell
  • A Start to Finish Example
  • Spell Aftercare & Troubleshooting

✦ Crafting Your Own Pre-Spell Ritual
  • Creating Your Sacred Space
  • Cleansing Methods
  • Grounding Methods + Exercises
  • Casting Circles, Calling the Quarters

✦ Spell Methods & Techniques
  • Word Magick
  • Visualisation
  • Moving Sunwise
  • Candle Magick
  • Cord Magick
  • Enchanting
  • Potions & Elixirs
  • Container Spells
  • Candle Magick
  • Poppet Magick
  • Sigil Magick

✦ Correspondences
  • Creating Your Own Correspondences
  • Daily Solar Phases
  • Seasonal Solar Phases
  • Days of the Week
  • Lunar Phases
  • Astrological Energies
  • The Elements
  • Numerology
  • Color Magick
  • The Runic Alphabet + Bindrunes
  • Crystals
  • Herbs
  • Misc Ingredients
  • Correspondences Sorted by Intention

✦ Spell-writing Templates
  • Spell Overview Page: Spell Title, Intention, Corresponding Energies, Timing, Colours, & Elements
  • Spell Materials Page: List of Required Materials, Symbols & Sigils
  • Directions Page
  • Spell Log Page: Time Performed, Variations, Immediate Effects, & Long Term Effects.
    • A5 size (210 x 148mm / 8.3 x 5.8")
    • 200 pages
    • 120gsm thick paper
    • 2 ribbon bookmarks
    • Holographic foil hardcover, spine, and page edges

    What hemisphere is The Spell Journal suited to?
    The Spell Journal is suitable for both, Northern and Southern Hemisphere witches! Alternative practices that vary between the hemispheres are included.

    Is it suitable for beginners?
    Yes, The Spell Journal breaks down concepts from the basics, however, it is also a handy reference guide for the more experienced.

    What is the difference between The Magick Book and The Spell Journal?
    Magick briefly touches on witchcraft as a whole, whereas The Spell Journal explores the topic of Spellwork in-depth.

    Start from the basics

    You'll learn about the foundational concepts and principles of spellwork and how to harness the power of your intention and will to manifest your desires.

    Easy-to-follow guides

    Discover the many ways to tap into the magic of the world with a wide range of spell methods and techniques, each accompanied by illustrations to make them easy to understand and follow along.


    A comprehensive correspondence guide sorted by category or general intention/energy for convenience. You'll find all the information you need to amplify your spellwork.

    Spell Templates

    Spell-writing templates, including a spell overview page, materials page, directions page, and log page. Keep track of your magic and watch as it brings your desires to life!

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